SSW Information

Super Sales Weekend is a weekly sales event that brings together great stores with creative merchants and new customers.  Items will be on sale for 99L or less.  This is fun opportunity to increase traffic and introduce your store to a new customer base.  Merchants and creators of all types are welcome to join us.  There is no weekly theme and no limitations to what you may sell.  Furniture, skins, clothing, home items, goth, vampire, Gor, adult, hair, textures, full perm items, animations, petites, tinies are welcome.  If you can dream it, we will help you sell it.

Are you a marketplace only store?  Or a small store with no room to add a sales area?  We have a solution for you too.  You can now submit marketplace items.  That's right, we now have a home for marketplace items.  Keep reading.

To be part of SSW there is no restrictions on the items you can submit.  New, old, just for us.  Doesn't matter, all are welcome.  You can resubmit old items.  Please wait at least 4 weeks between resubmissions.  Also, there is no price restriction as long as you don't go over 99L on sale.  If you store carries 75L items normally, mark them 50 or 10 or 5.  Whatever you want to put them on sale for.

All stores on all sims will be included in the sale.  PG, Mature and Adult.  Adult sims and items will be clearly marked on the list.  Adult pictures will have a discreet mark over openly shown adult body parts on the blog, due to the fact that people can not opt to not see those photos.  The merchant also has the option of doing that themselves if they prefer.

SSW will start Midnight on Fridays and run until 11:59 pm on Sunday.  Submissions will be accepted from noon on Friday until noon on Wednesday.  This gives us plenty of time to get the information ready.  Submissions will be 75L a week and can include up to 4 pictures.  There is no need to participate every week.  We do ask that you participate at least every 60 days.  Even when you don't submit an ad, please send the list out to your groups.

 ☞ Each week a random featured store will be picked by the staff of SSW.
That store will get the second spot on the list.
They will have a free week's submission. 
Store and logo will be featured on the blog for the week.

☞  Once a month a store will be picked by popular vote, both customer and other merchants in the sale.
That merchant will get top spot on the list for the month.
That month's submissions will be free.
Store and logo will be specially featured for the month on the blog.
(Be sure to remind your customers to vote for you.)

Every merchant will have notice rights in the customer group.  No more than 3 notices per week, please.

You knew there had to be a few.
☞ No Business In A Box or resellers.  75% of your store's inventory must be created by your or staff creators.
☞ No spamming of the groups.
☞  You will need to put out a group subscriber and foot path to help customers find your sales area.
☞ One store location per submission.  No more than 4 stores per owner.
☞ Send submission notecards Full Perms.
☞ Whether your submit or not please send the sale's list to your group.
☞ You need to be in the merchant group to get the list each week.  Customer group is not required for merchants. You can add an alt to advertise for you.
☞ Don't place the same items for sale each week.  Please wait 4 weeks between re-submissions.
☞ Please make ads.  Do not just send in an SL photo.  Ads are more eye catching, look more professional and will draw the attention of new customers.
☞ Please cover naughty bits in adult photos.  If you forget we will add a small covering before placing the items on the blog.  Adult listings will be clearly marked in the list.
☞Marketplace stores-Lower the price on marketplace.  Then in the item description please state that it's on sale for Super Sales Weekend.  The dates it will be on sale and what the regular price is.  Also, please let them know that they can visit Super Sales Headquarters and join the subscribo to keep up with the weekly list.
☞-You can only be in one or the other.  You can't submit a store location and a marketplace location.  Please only apply for one.
☞Marketplace-you need a good variety of items for sale.  At least 25 items listed.

Please visit Super Sales Weekend Office and grab an application or visit this link.  Then drop it in the shopping bag mailbox.

Any questions please feel free to contact:
SuperSalesWeekend Resident
Isabelle Torok or
Ripley Rozenberg